Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group

18-02-12 : Nature trail maintenance

We spent a day in the woodland again, but this time doing a little maintenance work to our nature trail!

ZSL European Eel monitoring project 2011 - Guest Post by Chris Ovington

I am sure by now all of you have been pestered by a member of the ‘Save the Tiger’ charity team. The main point they use to draw you in is the fact that the tiger species has declined by 95% since the turn on the century and are close to extinction. But what about a lesser known species which is in just as much trouble? Is it not time that someone helped to try and save the iconic European Eel (Anguilla anguilla)? Well that’s just what we at Kingston University have been doing...

The 2011 eel trap volunteers

08-02-12 : Hogsmill River litter pick

Plenty of enthusiastic volunteers came out for the river litter pick, despite the weather being very chilly!

07-01-12 : Kingston Hill woodland management

It was a bright and breezy new years day when we undertook some more woodland management at our Kingston Hill campus...